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I love it!

I saw the real thing once,in The Philippines (1979):They actually nailed some bloke to a cross,and left him hanging there for about an hour at Easter.It's a tradition. I threw up.
That proves the point that the depiction of the Crucifixion of Jesus on every Crucifix is bullshit. Anyone with any brains (something Christians dont have) knows that the nails were hammered through the wrists. I have an idea that the fiction of the nails through the hands was as a result of yet another mis-translation of the bible. The Hebrew word meaning 'hands' referes to hands and wrists. Some kind scholar in Ancient Hebrew might be able to check that
"That proves the point that the depiction of the Crucifixion of Jesus on every Crucifix is bullshit."

Many ,not all.The crucifix in my school chapel had the nails through the wrists. PLUS in year 8,we were given a detailed and graphic lecture on the crucifixion. It included an explanation of why the nails had to go through a specific spot on the wrist to support the weight and what actually happened during crucifixion.(although they were too coy to mention evacuation of bladder and bowels) Apparently people slowly suffocate,commonly over several days. It's always puzzled me why Jesus allegedly died after 'only' 3 hours. His torture was in no way unusual. I think Christians tend to overlook the fact that the Romans crucified THOUSANDS of Jews.

I remember it well. That was the week I got into trouble for suggesting how much more impressive the resurrection would have been had Jesus been cremated.

Tangent: Who invented crucifixion? My understanding is it was the Egyptians,who were also very fond of impaling really naughty miscreants.
LOL. I had had to copy one utube comment on this vid:

onewolf31337 writes "and the book of mathew says... yea as they raised jesus, he fell and shit his loincloth. and so did the soldiers pick him up and adjust his wig, while trying not to laugh at the epic fail.




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