How long do you think it will take mormonism to become the dominant religion in the U.S.?

How long do you think it will take mormonism to become the dominant religion in the U.S.? The only religion to have risen to power any faster in recent history is Islam - and how's THAT workin out for ya??


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I think it will be a very long time, if ever.
I predict that the dumbass fundamentalists (DFs) will be the remaining face of Christianity (if civilization doesn't collapse first) as the old line sects lose members to them or to secularism. And I think Mormonism will suffer the same sublimation we see afflicting Catholicism and mainstream Protestantism in the West.
keyword, cathchurch...
word on the net a year back or so was that a 'mormon' is the accountant-bookeeper (money launderer) for the cathchurch.
seriously. could've been propaganda but... perhaps the cath's will end up like the morm's;
multi-wived and on welfare. Oh and hatin' on gay folk. Oh and totally corporately corrupt n' doing biz with Iran. Say what?
If Mormonism, Catholicism or any "mainline" sect is to be influential in the future, it won't be by making peace with the Enlightenment. As professors have to publish or perish, religions will have to go rabid or perish. Science has progressed too far to allow much fence-straddling. The dichotomy, if we survive long enough, will be the loons and the secular. I notice in the Jewish community today that the flow is either to secularism or to a rediscovery of old traditions. My hunch is it will go that way for all of them.
I think you are right. As the ranks of non-believers grows, coming mostly from the "social Christians" (those that attended church for social reasons not from commitment) there will be a subsequent reduction in the ranks of the Christians. The initial reaction may be one of accommodation, such as welcoming gays and lesbians and recognizing same sex marriage (iffy, but possible). But, as the exodus continues (if it occurs) the more fundamentalist will likely become more militant, particularly the Dominionist adherents who are mostly associated with the Assembly of God churches (Sarah Palin's church). I would also expect an increasing violence at rallies and protest marches, more of the Westboro Baptist church type loonies and an increase in the Aryan Nation, Christian Identity, brand of goons with guns.
Depends on the bling. Or amount of wives on welfare?
I think we can take a bit of comfort in the fact that atheism and non belief are the fastest growing segments of our society. I believe this growth will snow ball. The young folks coming behind us are far less inclined towards things of an ecclesiastical nature than my generation was. Thier children will be even less declined to entertain religous supestition.




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