How low does this asinine idiot have to go before someone finally stomps him down & boots him out on his rich ass???!!!

Trump says Puerto Rico mayors 'want everything done for them'

A day earlier, San Juan's mayor criticized emergency response to island following Hurricane Maria

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Trump is busy setting up a decoy because of Mueller's investigation as well as the "patriotic" play on what is going on in sports with black protest. None of this last one is against flags, anthems, nor is it unpatriotic. Trump just doesn't like brown or black people. This includes those on the island of Puerto Rico. He talks of their debt while he himself owes these people 33 million dollars in a business deal that went wrong. As he holds back in giving them relief there on the island has a petition we should all sign.

 Trump claims he has taken action already but his action is going to take too long. There are lives at stake and no clean water. People will be dying and Donnie doesn't care. He is Making America White Again.

As for how long he has to go, that answer will come when others stop being afraid of him and stop covering up for him. Trump's replacement will be a hard nut also but at least he will be more Presidential and more acquainted with politics.

Click on my link and please sign. Many of us will thank you and especially the people of Puerto Rico.

Thanks, Michael......signed & commented.


Everyone please sign and pass it on. Tell others about this. There has to be some way to help them on the island and some way to stop this madman. Some of the GOP is bailing already but I think the others are scared to do anything.

Trump stopped tweeting his tripe long enough to waive it.
Oh, he waived it alright but look at it closely and it takes too long to kick in and really help them. People are dying there and some say the cargo ships being sent are still empty and just visible only for show. Trump is trying to make his point and not really trying to help them. His help has a delay clause to it.

The GOP has been disfunctional for decades, Thomas.

I first voted in 1952 and watched extreme conservatives take over the national GOP in the late 1950s. They called Eisenhower a communist sympathizer and expelled moderates.

In the 1964 state primary elections Western conservative Repubs defeated Eastern moderate Repubs. In the November general elections the GOP lost badly to Democrats.

In the late 1960s Nixon's Southern Strategy recruited conservative Southern Democrats and they brought their racism into the GOP.

In the early 1980s Reagan invited vast numbers of conservative xians and they brought their unthinking obedience into the GOP.

The GOP Establishment exploited them and when the Democrats elected a black president they got angry. Trump tapped into their anger and ran against the GOP Establishment.  

Hillary would be doing vastly better than Trump, but while he was lying to angry Republican voters she was talking with Democratic donors.

There are several good histories that tell much of the story, going back even to when Lincoln and anti-slavery allies created the Republican Party.




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