I know one atheist and 4 agnostics. What about you?

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I know 3 Atheists and 2 Agnostics.

I lucked out. Even though I'm from St Louis Missouri I live in University City. Both my siblings, at least one or two cousins, my old BFF, my older BFF, several other kids, a whole bunch of Unitarian Universalists, many of my friends parents, several other school acquaintances.

So probably like 20+? Then there are all the people I never really talked about religion with so I'm not sure. My parents are lapsed Methodists or something also, but basically Atheists.

Only one Atheist - are you living in the basement of a Baptist church? My immediate family and cousins living close by, around 35 adults, are all Atheist except one, a cousin, who is a Baptist minister.  None of my colleagues in my department (high school science department) or friends teaching in other areas were religious with the exception of a Mennonite chemistry teacher.  Ironically the population served by our HS was a very religious one with a large Mormon population.



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