How many atheists do you personally know?  I'm not counting the ones you have met through this network.  I would say my number is at six.  My mother, my oldest son, three people at work and just found out that my family doctor was essentially one when we discussed my Reason Rally letter to the Toronto Star. I'm not sure about my daughter so I won't count her.

I would have a problem counting the number of religious people I know starting with my wife and my youngest son - Way too many.

Not everybody is going to be an atheist and join the Atheist Nexus which currently has
26656 members.  So inquiring minds want to know your number.  How many more more atheists are out there connected to our members who don't join these type of groups or conversely how alone are some of our members - is your number 0?

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'As far as "the secular cause" is concerned, the worst enemy isn't the theocrats,'s complacency'


I agree, this sums up the UK I think. Most I fear just can't be bothered or see the C of E as a traditional institution and fail to realise the impact and influence it has, particularly with 26 non elected bishops sitting in the House of Lords ( upper house).

After much thought I can only come up with one for sure. Maybe two: Though he only stated that when you die, that's it, game over. Not sure if that negates a belief in an deity. However, hopefully, some time this summer I plan to attend a campout with some unknown folks who belong to an atheist Meet-up group.

Probably meet some atheists there. 

Most of Alaska is completely evangelical or classic Christian with a huge mega-dose of Mormonism(including polygamist sects that seem to operate with impunity here). It is a terrible place to find other non-believers.

I just remembered the young bartender that I met in Seward (AK) a few months ago. I guess that makes two for sure and one probable. None of them live within 350 miles of me.

I have known 4 atheists, 3 of which are still alive and 3 agnostics.  My son counts as one of the Atheists I know, He may only be four but he was born atheist and remains an atheist until he decides otherwise. 


Not counting people on Nexus....

Family or origin, none.

There's my partner.  Probably my "inlaws" but they live in China, I don't speak Chinese, and haven't talked about it.

Actively at work, none.  There are a couple of remote connections at work.

Meetup - since it's an atheist meetup, that would be all of them.  I'm guessing 25 or 30.  I don't know them outside of the meetup or here.

Damn.  37gazillion theists and what, a few atheists I can count on my hands?  Still, it's not something that comes up at work, and I imagine there are quite a few.  The couple of atheists at work that I feel certain about have been, how should I say?  Not exactly nice people.

People i know who actually, fully think of themselves as "atheist": probably like 10

People i know who just happen to be non-religious and/or don't believe in god(s): probably around a 100.

Atheist Siblings/In-laws/Parent/Cousin- 8
Atheist Hometown Friends- 19
Atheist College/Group Friends- 30
Evil Ex-boyfriend- 1

So around 58 or more in total I guess, though some of them I barely know, others may have moved, etc... It's a pretty diverse group all in all. A bunch of really cool people. From young teens to over 60 years old, students, workers, my professors (lol), my family, friends, artists, scientists, feminists, progressives, transhumanists, etc etc.

For a couple I am assuming they're atheists. So there may be a variant of one or two. :/

Two of them I did first meet on this site, but know in person as well. I'm only including people I have met.

great question.  since i've been more vocal about my Atheism, it seems that the majority of my friends are either Atheist or Agnostic.  i have 3 that i can think of that are Believers, and i question the extent of their belief.  the one Christian, for example, has a ton of money but thinks nothing of "stealing" a round of golf or cheating on his wife.  i mean, if you really believed that Hell was waiting for being a bad person (which he is) would you keep doing those things?

also, i just joined a free dating site that specifies religion, and it's amazing how many women list themselves as non-religious.  i'd say that they outnumber the Religious.  this is good to see. 

Well I've joined a couple of dating sites (and no, it wasn't e-Harmony. I don't go to sites founded by a cronie of Dobson), and unfortunately my experience is different. On my profile, I'm listed as "non-religious", and the replies I get are from those uber-religious. I reply to them with "Sorry, but I will not keep God first. If God is omnipotent, then God doesn't need us to keep him first and can take care of himself really well". Of course, I get the "I'll pray for you", "Heathen!", and other non-flattering stuff. So in my "What my match should be", I've stated that she should be non-religious (Atheist, Agnostic, Deist), or at least a Unitarian.

Outside of my family and partner, zero. At least not that I know. I am not very sociable so I don't hang out with too many people. Some that I work with are not necessarily atheist nor religious, some are just religious from 'training' but not overtly in the everyday sense.

I know about 30 out atheists.  Not bad for small town Texas.




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