How many atheists do you personally know?  I'm not counting the ones you have met through this network.  I would say my number is at six.  My mother, my oldest son, three people at work and just found out that my family doctor was essentially one when we discussed my Reason Rally letter to the Toronto Star. I'm not sure about my daughter so I won't count her.

I would have a problem counting the number of religious people I know starting with my wife and my youngest son - Way too many.

Not everybody is going to be an atheist and join the Atheist Nexus which currently has
26656 members.  So inquiring minds want to know your number.  How many more more atheists are out there connected to our members who don't join these type of groups or conversely how alone are some of our members - is your number 0?

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I'd have to say four or five.  I know a few more who don't quite have the courage of their convictions to call themselves Atheist  For the most part those people are hedging their bets just in case...  I think the reason there are so few professed Atheist is Atheism takes a level of emotional maturity most people lack.  If you think about it, children who are afraid of the dark or lonely invent an imaginary friend.  Adults who are afraid of death or not having some divine entity "have their back" at times of crisis scares them.  Therefore, they adopt some imaginary friend from one mythology or another.  Atheists don't do that.  We have the emotional maturity to face reality without needing an imaginary friend.  Most people you meet just can't handle that.      

It's a sad, sad situation!  I personally know one agnostic and 0 atheists.  I'm surrounded by so-called Christians and I just make the best of it.  I can't get into a discussion with the ones I'm closest to as it makes them "uncomfortable".  They have no ammunition, just blind, ignorant faith.  Very frustrating.

Hard to say... My family (both sides) is non-religious, but I know many of them (such as my father) do believe in a higher power, but do not subscribe to any specific religious sect. It's not something we generally discuss, but they do know my views on the subject. I have two close friends that are Atheists, but that's about it.

I personally know three Atheists besides myself. A friend of mine, her 17 year old daughter, and finally her daughters boyfriend. So not many. :O/


Four... all ex-girlfriends. Atheist and sexy must go hand in hand!

None, most people around me are Moslims, some Buddhists/Hindus and a few Christians.

my friends father

I actually thought hardly anyone until I started asking people.  Once I was confident enough to bring it up i was surprised how many people are skeptical these days.

I am Happy To announce That I met another Agnostic today whose spouse is an Atheist!!!

We are in training for a new job and Dawkins and Bill Maher broke the ice and I was finally able to tell someone I was an Atheist with out immediate repercussions.

Today Was A Great Day!

Hoping she was the first of many to find at my new job...

Not sure, but I probably know more atheists/agnostics than I know religious people.

Nice to hear from Norway.  That got me thinking of atheists by country and Wikipedia says in the U.S it is about 6 - 9 %.  Norway looks like 17 - 26% and my home country (Canada) might be at 23%.

It is tough to get accurate stats on this.

My three sons and their wives are all atheists and one of my cousins and his wife along with many of my former colleagues in universities and several other friends. I know quite a few atheists, probably due to my spending a lot of time in academic environments among scientists and because we used to have an active group here in San Diego.

Now that I am retired and starting to age a bit (77 last week) my friends and relatives are dropping off their twigs with increasing frequency and I lose contact with them for reasons not entirely clear.


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