How many atheists do you personally know?  I'm not counting the ones you have met through this network.  I would say my number is at six.  My mother, my oldest son, three people at work and just found out that my family doctor was essentially one when we discussed my Reason Rally letter to the Toronto Star. I'm not sure about my daughter so I won't count her.

I would have a problem counting the number of religious people I know starting with my wife and my youngest son - Way too many.

Not everybody is going to be an atheist and join the Atheist Nexus which currently has
26656 members.  So inquiring minds want to know your number.  How many more more atheists are out there connected to our members who don't join these type of groups or conversely how alone are some of our members - is your number 0?

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My number is "0" far as I know. I don't have a ton of friends anyway, but doubt any are atheist. Many are not religious in that they don't go to church and talk alot about it..but if questioned they would certainly say they believe in is what they were told to do by their parents. So, I am an island...and cannot talk about it around my wife either..she is a christian and is scared to even be part of the conversation..scared she will somehow go to hell by being married to me.. :-(   ..possibly she is scared that I could convince her otherwise..and I think that scares her more.


My wife is uneasy discussing religion with me as well.  She is not worried about going to hell being married to an atheist.  Thirty three years of a great marriage and we both haven't tried to convert the other during all that time. I let her take the three kids to church - based on the way I grew up - my parents were atheists and my sister and I went to church.  I figured all three would reason it out like I did.  My youngest never got there and sometimes it bothers me - but he got the most important parts in life right so who am i to complain.

I don't know how you or others live married to a believer. You are supposed to be best friends and having that difference would be a deal breaker. I know I couldn't do it. It is almost like living with a lie.

There are probably a lot of believers that I could not live with and there may be some atheists she could not live with.  I guess the key is tolerance for a dissenting belief on both our parts. I actually got involved with this group because she impressed me with how she volunteers at a homeless shelter and gets involved in church activities like "Mothers Union".  It inspired me to be a joiner as well.

Living a lie would be pretending to be something I am not. 

Well - I did do that once for her a couple of years ago as Zorro but I did include a good cause with that charade.

Actually, I said living WITH a lie. LOL

Sex must be the reason then.... But wait, she says someone is watching and you say no, there is not, so how I guess you left the Zorro costume with the horse. LOL

4: My 3 children & my son-in-law.

It's lonely in the bible belt...

Including me? One.

This is an interesting post and comments.  Some of us are quite isolated.  No wonder we use nexus.

I know somewhere around 50 atheist.  Many are not that open about it (15 to 20).  Most don't have a problem with answering that they don't believe in god when asked by a stranger.  I am a very fortunate person that way.

Great question.  I personally know zero bona fide atheists.  
My upbringing was heavily religious: 4 years of seminary during high school, 
2 years as a full-time missionary, then 4.5 years at a religious university - 
Literally EVERYONE I've become close to is religious. But I'm not! 
I don't believe any of the doctrine, and havent for YEARS.  
I've been in the closet about it for far too long.  

1 for me.  Life long skeptic - recent self actualization that I am atheist and I am getting more comfortable "being out" as an atheist.  Now, I expect to find others with similar views.  Or at least I hope so, it would be nice to have a personal conversation. 




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