How many atheists do you personally know?  I'm not counting the ones you have met through this network.  I would say my number is at six.  My mother, my oldest son, three people at work and just found out that my family doctor was essentially one when we discussed my Reason Rally letter to the Toronto Star. I'm not sure about my daughter so I won't count her.

I would have a problem counting the number of religious people I know starting with my wife and my youngest son - Way too many.

Not everybody is going to be an atheist and join the Atheist Nexus which currently has
26656 members.  So inquiring minds want to know your number.  How many more more atheists are out there connected to our members who don't join these type of groups or conversely how alone are some of our members - is your number 0?

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personally? um, zero. I don't know anyone in the real world who is atheist. only online >_>

Six that I would consider outright atheists.  Two more who are a bit wishy washy right now but seem to be heading this way.

I live in a country (Philippines) that is filled with RABID catholics and being an atheist here is very difficult. In my life, I personally know just one atheist ( and maybe another one). I confessed to him that I am as well but after that we did not talked and was silent about it.

I am still a closet atheist. 

My cousin, 2 co-workers, and 10 others who are college buddies. I also live in the south




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