As World War Two was ending a diplomat told Joseph Stalin he should stop repressing Catholics in the parts of Eastern Europe his military controlled. He famously asked, "The Pope? How many divisions has he got?"

A few hours ago, at a meeting of a few conservatives, a right wing xian gave me a long-awaited opportunity to paraphrase Stalin. He claimed that our rights come from God, and not from the government or the Constitution.

I agree with him that our rights don't come from the government. Hell, people in  government trample our rights.

I agree with him too that our rights don't come from the Constitution. In eight amendments that document names some of our rights, and in a ninth amendment it says we have more rights than those it names.

He's nuts if he believes our rights come from an imaginary sky dweller. They come from the barrels of guns!

In the Revolution, gunfire won Americans (white Americans, that is) the rights of Englishmen.

In the Civil War, gunfire won Black Americans (the south's slaves) the rights of white Americans.

In decades of labor vs. management wars, gunfire won rights for working people.

People who attribute our rights to a non-existing Natural Law demonstrate their ignorance of reality.

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Apparently God is well armed.Boots on the ground.

A new bible story in the making.

Just look at what God is doing in Uganda.The guns are being controlled.The weapons of choice Are

burning tires and stones.The guns are in Syria.

The world is all about money. Our president is our "moneymaker in chief." His job is to pacify everyone while looking at all our laws and assist our nation in making of money. (And you thought he cared about John Smith's rights.) In this way, money does make the world go around.

Now, you want to follow the money. Follow the guns. Wherever you find the most guns you will find something going on there that will end up making a whole lot of money. Maybe not immediate money, but it will come in time because of the decission the gun handlers make today.

Your rights come from the handlers of guns and straight out of the gun barrel. How could your rights ever come from god?




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