So...  They wanted a bond to pay for Christians who "might" do damage to the buses.


How many times have you had a day when things just weren't going your way; then, you are confronted with some symbol of Christianity and nearly couldn't fight the urge to destroy it?


This case makes me physically ill  !!!

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Never. I am not an animal (technically, we are all animals) but I am not uncivilized. I would think the vast majority of atheists would be the same way.
I agree with Sassan.  I would never do such as thing.
I wonder how many christian churches they would run the same ad for free as a public service announcement?
Everybody should be able to do ads.

One time when I was a teenager i drew a bi "A" over a cross on the wall at school, but that was mainly because I was going through an Anarchy kick.

The mere fact that xian  dimwits decide to to deface 4 jeebus proves one thing only...they are losing the moral high ground, the ethical structure, and the war against their utter balderdash period!

They are very afraid....and so they should be...afraid of their own stupidity, ignorance and self righteousness for sure.

When brain dead bigoted droolers get afraid they strike out and attack the focus of their rage under cover of anonymity because they lack the courage of their convictions.

Anyone guilty of not tackling that problem head on is deficient in integrity, sense and priorities...putting the financial burden on the clients to pay for damage done to the buses by a third party is even more cowardly...and reeks of special privilege because the vandals are xian.


This is not a question whether atheists would do such a thing but a question of what rational being would?

And there we have the main problem with pompous Christian soldiers...they are by definition ...barking!







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