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Is that painting by Leonardo Convinci? Is the man in the picture Tab Hunter of Jeffrey Hunter? My Bible had pictures of Jesus in it like that, and all the words he said were in red. People had such good memories way back then!

One of my "favorites" is Rev. Creflo Dollar. The name says it all!

That is part of his con.  He knows that by pushing the Prosperity Gospel, he is attracting the very people who will give him money for telling them it is perfectly OK to horde lots more of it.  One biblical passage he never speaks of in his sermons: the one where Jebus is quoted saying that rich men will no sooner enter the kingdom than a camel shall pass through the eye of a needle.  That is anathema to the P.G.  Critics of the megachurches marvel at how these confidence men and women avoid the most common theme in the gospels: charity. It is the central focus of all the major religions.

Maybe they figure will all that money, they can buy a giant needle with a huge eye.




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