I'm 15 and from a young age watched Family Guy, played M for Mature games, etc. People seem worried about kids being exposed to such things, but I think it has only benefited me. I know more about issues than much of my friends. I've become an atheist due to not being restricted from Internet use. But do you think kids need to be sheltered from more adult media? If so, why and to what extent? If not, why not?

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When my kids were teenagers, each had his own connected PC.  The father of

one of their school mates asked me why I was not concerned about what they would

see and do in their mostly unsupervised online time.   I gave his concern some thought and realized 

that the very safest way I can imagine for a child to have his first encounter with worldly affairs is at the

end of a long wire.  In addition to offering an amazingly rich view at life and various cultures, it is far safer than hanging out at the mall or bowling alley.  


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