This has really been bugging me. 

I saw this interview on CNN: John King, USA a few days ago. The service man interviewed was shot by a snipper, died ... I mean, gone, flat lined ... only to be revived 15 minutes later. Luckily, he suffered no brain damage and is able to describe the entire process of dying. 

I am very disappointed that John King didn't ask probing questions about the existence of "God". It is clear in this interview that there is no "God". The evidence contradicting the existence of "God" is right here! 

If anyone on this forum has Bill Mahr's email address, please forward this to him.


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"Many people think this is a god experience. How can we refute this? "

It's not up to us to refute anything. The burden of proof remains with the ones making the claim.It's up to them to provide evidence,rather than supposition and speculation masquerading as evidence.

The assertion that near death experiences even imply(suggest),let alone infer (conclude) proof of survival after death falls under the category of argument from ignorance. Specifically argument from incredulity IE; "I lack the knowledge, intelligence or imagination to think of anything else therefore God did it.

That many people believe a thing is irrelevant as an argument.It's another logical fallacy, 'argumentum ad populum'.('appeal to the people' aka argument by consensus and argument by numbers)
I appreciated the fact that the Captain made no mention of god, which he almost certainly would have were he a christian. When asked about NDEs he asserted that they don't exist (or he's needs to change the way he's living his life).
I agree with you there and am glad he didn't make a mention of a god.
I don't bother to use logical arguments against emotional claims. It never comes to anything.
There was an experiment using the centrifugal force simulators that are used for simulating the g-force of high speed travel in jets. In the experiment they made hundreds of pilots black out...thier description of peacefulness, white light etc was identical to NDE.

"I fell asleeep and had a weird dream...GOd must be real!" Niether does lack of such dream make any implication towards the existance of GOD.
What the "mind" experiences as it is dying may sound interesting but for the purposes of acting as a witness in God's trial I don't give it much credence.




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