Update: Changed title from "Just spam, no baked beans or singing Vikings."

Seems like we've been invaded by more spammers than usual in the last couple of days. I've seen members leaving them welcome messages. Here's how not to be duped:

1. Spammers often don't capitalize their name(s). However, check the rest of the profile, sometimes non-spammers also don't capitalize their name(s).

2. Quite often, spammers will list themselves as being from alternate universe places like "Hawaii, Afghanistan". That can be a dead giveaway. Still, check the rest of the profile, as the person behind it might be a legitimate, joking member of the site, or the location may be legitimate (like "Intercourse, PA, USA).

3. Spammers may not post a photo of a real person, or any image at all. Sometimes they steal images of real people off the WWW. This supposedly helps the spammer avoid notice by the ever prowling anti-spammers. Since we are on Atheist Nexus, and not everyone posts a representation, once again, check the rest of the profile.

4. A key giveaway is at least one link, and generally more leading to usually dodgy commercial website(s). Once again, check the entire profile. Sometimes legitimate members will post a link to their non-commercial homepage, or their commercial homepage where they may be selling anything from instructional CDs to their services as a graphic artist. Legitimate members can usually be told apart from spammers because they'll have at least something written about themselves in their profile.

Example of some link names I found in a spam profile today:

buy revitol
revitol cellulite cream
revitol stretch mark cream
revitol hair removal cream

5. You can report spammers to Richard by mousing over the "About Us" link at the upper right hand side of your page, in the Atheist Nexus toolbar. Scroll down to "Report an Issue". Click on the appropriate issue ("spam"), and make sure the wee circle has a green dot in it. Then, copy-and-paste the URL of the spammer profile and hit "Send Report".

Does anyone have anything to add that might help identify spammers?

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Thanks! I've just pointed one on out.
Good on ya!
You're welcome!
As soon as we are made aware of the spammers, we delete them. Thanks to everyone for reporting them to us. Keep it up!
What's this, Bro' Richard? You have a mouse in your pocket?
Don't be harassing Brother Richard. Once Kristy gets done with him, he may not have anything left in his pocket.
I've paid my tithe, I'm entitled to my pound of flesh.
You're welcome Daniel. I aim to please.
Thanks for the info!
You're welcome!
As a footnote, if you have the time, the disposable addresses and a desire for community service, for Nigerian/419 spam, spend a few moments composing a sincere but very confused request for clarification and further information. These spams can't be automated, a human has to respond - so the more of their time you waste, the better. It hurts them more than simple banning.
Do you have a few clones, felch, or maybe eight arms?




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