If you deconverted, how old were you when you did? Myself, I'm not clean sure, though it was 11 at the oldest--I'm fairly well set on 9 being when I realized that I could put together and say the sentence "I don't believe in God." with it being honest.

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I was about 22 and had been seriously questioning for at least a year.
I quit church at 13 but also used the term agnostic till in my late 20's i guess...Th cause it sounded better than atheist...Not sure when i started calling myself an atheist. I guess i was about 10 when i decided rel;igion was a pile of dog dung.

I read the Bible before going to godless college -- with sexy results.
I remember the hotel swimming pool in Quebec City. There was an indoor pool with a swim out portal. I was 12 and she was 16, and the Bee Gees later that night on the dance floor...oh wait...wrong discussion

uuhmm...I've always been an atheist...
I was 9 when I started questioning. My friend told me that everyone who wasn't Catholic was going to hell, and I couldn't get that out of my head. It just didn't make sense to me that the one god (*one* being the concept that really got me questioning) who was supposed to be all-loving and forgiving would just completely NOT forgive a huge portion of the human population. That started my research into myth, legend and religion, where I discovered that all monotheistic religions were basically the same. I remember asking myself, "Why can't all these monothestic religions just agree that the god they all believe in is the same god?" Anyway, it took me a long time, a few pre-teen years of going to church, as well as a short run of calling myself an agnostic in college before I finally realized that I didn't believe at all, and I couldn't let others' beliefs make me think otherwise. (My MIL once said, upon hearing that I wasn't sure I believed in god, "Oh, Marci, you're smarter than that!") Anyway, this has gotten really long, but I'm new here, I'll get it all out eventually. :-)
I was 13 or so when I started asking myself questions, but I didn't mention the word "atheist" to describe myself until I was 18. I was so influenced by culture that it took me some time to realize I did not believe in any of those stories.
I was about 19 when I became an Atheist. I went through a brief agnosticism phase, but overall the decision was pretty final.
About the time the war ended and the heavy duty brainwashing by the military about atomic bombs started, and the diving under the desk for air raid practice, I decided NO more am I being bull shitted about religion or the fucking bomb...Those of you who grew up in the 40s and 50s remember that Russia was going to bomb the shit out of us, but god being on our side would be the deciding factor, BULL SHIT.......In the meantime the military has gotten bigger and more powerful and organized religion has gotten richer and more insane!!
Where I grew up (in southern Utah) we would listen to the countdown on KSUB radio and go to the back porch to watch the sky light up. A hell of a bunch of my childhood friends have died from cancer, We were used as experimental subjects.....It was obvious from the pictures that a desk inside a building was NOT going to make any difference. A whole generation was brainwashed and lied to, my wife who grew up in Cedar City has cancer in both breasts, and has already had two operations, and two rounds of chemo......????
Thank You Karen.......Strangely our Mormon neighbors are not gathering in prayer circles even though there are several cases in my neighborhood.
Michael I am curious, where did you find this?, I hadn't seen one like it for 50+ years.
This was masterful brainwashing, frightening the little children makes them easier to control..


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