If you deconverted, how old were you when you did? Myself, I'm not clean sure, though it was 11 at the oldest--I'm fairly well set on 9 being when I realized that I could put together and say the sentence "I don't believe in God." with it being honest.

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I started questioning it when i found out Santa didn't exist around age 7 or 8. I asked my mom if it were possible to believe in jesus but not god on christmas eve when i was 12 or something(i thought maybe i could still get christmas presents if i still believed in jesus). So at that time I had already stopped believing in god but it took years more time to truly understand that decision, and I don't think i had heard the term atheist until college. Philosophy class sophomore year in college was the nail in the coffin as it explained the fallacy of Pascal's wager and the god paradox as well as others.

For those of you in college or going to college eventually, I highly recommend a philosophy class. It was one of my favorites, and not because of any of the god discussions; was just a cool class that got me thinking.

My mom isn't on here but she eventually converted a few years after me at age 52 or something.
Judd, I actually also had the tiniest first seed of doubt when I found out that Santa et al. weren't real. It was a very fleeting thought and was immediately dismissed. I don't remember exactly what I thought, but when I knew Santa wasn't real, I started to think of other things that might not be real, and God occurred to me. But it didn't shake my belief unfortunately. I didn't even remember it happened until many years later.

As strange as it may sound, I can't pinpoint an exact time when I stopped believing. If I had to put an age on when I honestly didn't believe in the God of the Bible anymore, I'd say when I was either 19 or 20, but I still was searching exactly what I did and didn't believe for several years after that. I don't think I would have labeled myself an "atheist" until maybe two years ago, even though I was a non-believer for a few years before that.
Sarah... childhood brainwashing is hard to get over, I was years getting over my fear-hatred of Russia....The god (small letters) thing was easier for me. you can do it..
I'm 32 now and can't say I ever bought into any of it even though when I was a kid I allot of time wanted to, I just found it to damned contrary. Though I was probably 30 when I figured out that I actually was an atheist.
20. I had an epiphany (like a snap of a finger) that God or any deity did not exist. It really changed my life alot, because for the first time in my life the world made complete sense.



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