I remember telling my dad at 14 or so. I did not come from a religious family so he was a little bummed but not distraught or anything. This has helped me be free-spirited in all of my thoughts.

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Unfortunately i can't remember the exact age. I know it was some time after 2006. I probably have to get back to you on this.
I told my parents I didn't believe in god in fifth grade, so I guess I was about ten. They told me that meant I was an atheist, which I learned was pretty rare around here. I told some close friends and other family members growing up, but I didn't start telling "everyone" until about 2006. Now I don't shut up about it.
I was behind the age curve for everything else though...lol
What is up with 2006? That was when I became a religious skeptic. I was 20.
I questioned in my teenage years.  (It took a while longer for me since I come from a religious family.)  It was in my mid-to-late 20's.  I'm becoming a stronger atheist everyday! : )
It's been pretty recent...I've gradually believed less and less until I realized I just didn't believe any of it anymore.  I'm 36.
No. My in-laws are staunch Catholics, but they are incredibly respectful of our non-belief. The religion I was raised in doesn't believe in baptism. I would have her baptised if her birthparents wanted it, though. It does nothing to us, but it would make them feel better. Fortunately, we've never talked religion with them, so it hasn't come up.

I came out about my atheism just last year; I’m 48 right now, so it was pretty late in life. I will however admit that I’ve been an atheist at least in thought since I was in my teens.

I, like you Andréa, also didn’t come from a religious family however my family reacted with extreme anger and hatred. My brother pretty much told me that I should be killed for my beliefs because it says so in the bible and my mother essentially took his side in the dispute. My sister (a Christian Conservative and member of the Tea Party) also pretty much wrote me off. As for me I was mostly surprised by their reactions though, I mean religion honestly played absolutely no role in any of our upbringings and we were encouraged to question conventional wisdom, seeing as how my parents were both hippies when I was a child.

Anyway, my family now pretty much wants to have nothing to do with me because of it.

Sorry to hear that.  Christians don't tolerate other viewpoints.  I've found that out the hard way.  I didn't even tell my sister -- she suspected (we used to be close) anyway -- she reacted like your brother did (just about) and I haven't spoken or heard from her in 6 years.

Well, coming from a Christian family is one thing, but being brought up with completely dysfunctional Christian views is completely different. Oh well, leave it to the Christians to find some way to keep the “fun” in Dysfunction.

I always liked science and never really was religious, save for christmas and easter being a good ol Catholic. About 12 years old was when I realized I was an atheist. That was back in 2006
I think I was in high school still when my sister started questioning why I had so many doubts and questions about religion and god. >.> So probably 16/17. It was also when she was able to ask my friend about when I first started questioning, and he mentioned I'd been doing it at school for a while.




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