I remember telling my dad at 14 or so. I did not come from a religious family so he was a little bummed but not distraught or anything. This has helped me be free-spirited in all of my thoughts.

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Well, coming from a Christian family is one thing, but being brought up with completely dysfunctional Christian views is completely different. Oh well, leave it to the Christians to find some way to keep the “fun” in Dysfunction.

This is absolutely ridiculous! I am so frustrated with your family so I can only imagine your feelings. This is one of those things where you did nothing wrong but it's not worth fighting over. We are your family.
I always liked science and never really was religious, save for christmas and easter being a good ol Catholic. About 12 years old was when I realized I was an atheist. That was back in 2006
I love seeing you young ones here! So glad time was not wasted for you, Corey.
Post? Write a book!
I cannot get enough reading to quench my thirst!
I think I was in high school still when my sister started questioning why I had so many doubts and questions about religion and god. >.> So probably 16/17. It was also when she was able to ask my friend about when I first started questioning, and he mentioned I'd been doing it at school for a while.
I hear the age 14 on a regulay basis.  It's obviously the age where hormones are well on the way to converting us into sometimes confused adults, but is really the beginning of our following our own direction.  I'll have to say I was about 14 as well.  Stayed somewhat in the closet while being married, but I consider myself a devout orthodox Atheist now. 
Neurologists say thoughts and emotions come from the frontal cortex which is the last to develop in life- late puberty. This is why kids can be brainwashed into things before they even have the mature brain to decide for themselves.

p.s don't quote me on the anatomy of the brain until you have researched for yourself. :)
I never was religious, but I would say that just around the time of my fourteenth birthday did I realize what exactly I was. I have only been an atheist for not even a year and I now realize how insane religion is.
I may be saying something people have heard before. I've never even considered god. There was no religious talk in my family. My only encounters were from my grandmother singing onward christian soldiers and telling me baby Jesus stories. She never tried to make me think it was anything than fiction. Then at maybe 7 years old she convinced my parents that my brother and I should experience church. In sunday school the teenager running it showed me a picture of a hairy guy in a dress and said he loved me. I had been molested at 5 years old and I just didn't quite warm up to that concept. I don't remember what I said, just the girl in tears, my parents and the minister having a long talk and I never went to sunday school again. It was lucky that I had a larger vocabulary of profanity than I do today at the time.



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