Is there a corollary to this, how theists see atheists?

How most professors see you

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Jane, thanks for your reply. It stirred enough memories that I pasted it to my word processor so I can compose a reply. Be assured that I leave long-distance diagnosis to people more qualified than I.

Part of my reason for composing replies off line is that I occasionally touch keys I don't intend to touch and what I'm typing suddenly and irretrievably disappears--as three paragraphs just did.

I'd been describing what may have been my dad's reasons for taking his oldest two (my sister and I) out of public schools and sending the five of us (three came along later) to Catholic schools. I recently turned eighty and about five years ago (decades after my dad died without having told his reason) I learned that in the late 1930s a church spokesman had said Catholic parents have a duty to send their children to Catholic schools. The late 1930s was when he did it.

More later.


Hi all. This is my first post....

Since I am paying for a son in college, I'd have to replace the stick in the comic with a dollar sign. As far as how theists see us, I imagine them seeing us as the people in Plato's allegory of the cave see the prisoner that returns after seeing reality. Here is a link to a comic that describes it.

Regarding kids, role models help against the brain washing. My son announced his atheism right after his confirmation ceremony at age 13. (We were cultural allegorical occasional Catholics that finally woke up). If I ever have grandkids I hope to introduce them to the Humanist community.




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