When I quit the seminary and left the church I tried to slip as quietly out the back door as I could. At this point my theology professors from college, many of my college and seminary friends, and most of my extended family know I'm an atheist. I officially resigned my membership with the SDA church almost two years ago. Now I'm an atheist blogger and I've talked about the SDA church on the Chariots of Iron podcast a few times.


I'm as out of an atheist as I can be, both with those inside the SDA church and everybody else.

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If they set it up through the conference's estate planing office then they are required to include the church in the will with an equal share to each child. That's the trade off for the free service.

My parent's couldn't cut any of us out of the will for leaving the church since they would have to cut all of us. While it's good for that reason and made it easier for me as the youngest, I'm sure they feel like spiritual failures.

I knew that they strongly suggested you leave some to the church in exchange for the service, but was told (at the campmeeting table I inquired at, and by friends who used the service) that that wasn't necessary.

Thank you for sharing this with me. It somehow makes me feel a bit better to know that they were just going along with the prescribed plan of making the church an equal benefactor, rather than having conceived that generous portion idea themselves. :)
That may have just been Oregon Conference rules or a strong enough suggestion that my parents made it sound like a requirement.
That's nice that you were able to follow in the lead of your older siblings and not be the first to rock the boat. I'm sure it was still difficult for you to dissolve your parents last hope though.

I can imagine my sister might feel under extra pressure to not put the "final nail in the coffin" for my parents by ever leaving. I know she doesn't consider EGW to be a true prophet. After our family left the church, she and her husband decided to change SDA schools and congregations to the most liberal ones in their area, and have been much happier with that move. It's nice that they have options, with living in an "Adventist ghetto" like they do.

If it hadn't been for that added pressure I likely would have called it quits my junior year of college rather than after a year in the seminary.

You should ask your sister if that's why she's still in the church, if it is then try to help her to not live for your parents. She's an adult.

I did ask her, and she said no, but I still suspect that it plays in to her having said that she'd rather not "know too much" when it comes to the things I learned that caused me to leave the church.
Intentional ignorance...how disgusting.

Not very.


I agree with Andree. I keep it mostly to myself to preserve relationships. The two friends I have opened up to about it (and this is not including my husband) did not handle it well. At all.


Also, I'm an only child. I  think this would devastate my mum.

You know what completely sucks? I went from being in one minority to another!

I was SO happy to be in the mainstream and shed my freak status when I left Adventism. I felt like a citizen of the world, with a church on every corner. Now I'm back in a minority. And I realize the true meaning of "citizen of the world".
Yes, I can relate to this.
I'm sure we all can.
A handful of carefully selected people (some of them Adventist) know what I really think. Because of my husband's "professional" Adventist status, it's important that it stays that way.


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