Here us my score:
305/400. Extremely progressive
Here is your link if you want to take the quiz:

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326/400. Extremely progresive.
Realized this wasn't possible when I saw it was once again, centered around American politics *sigh* It seems political quizzes are rare for non-Americans :( I got 314, but not sure if I understood or answered everything correctly...
I've seen quizzes like this aimed at the rest of the world. I'll try to post one next time I run across it.
Oh yes,please do! I'd love some quizzes that are global!
Haven't seen one lately, but when I do...
Oooh! Ten points away from me.
305! i'm a right winger compared with you guys!
Does that mean you fly counter-clockwise?
I'm ashamed that your comment made me laugh...




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