Here us my score:
305/400. Extremely progressive
Here is your link if you want to take the quiz:

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346/400. Extremely progressive.
319/400 I would like to the the average score of Atheists, Agnostics & Deists.
My score 329/400; I indicated (5) for some broad generalities.

I consider myself more "radical" than '"left wing": I distrust ALL forms of authority,and most "isms" especially those which lend themselves to utopian goals such as communism at one extreme and libertarianism at the other.
Wow! I scored 335/400 and I don't actually think of myself as wildly progressive - especially by Australian standards.
I'd love to see an Australian version of the test.
370! Screaming lefty hey? Thought as much. :) I could have gone higher but it is difficult to be really hard left when you're an equities trader.

Yay for me!
I always suspected you were a raving left-wing loonie! ;-) Not that that's not a good thing!
OK, 382 for me.,
which is probably why I don't dress like most people...
None of theat putting your trousers on one leg at a time hey? Now that is progressive. :)
nope, none o that!
301/400 Extremely progressive. I really liked the "See how other groups scored" feature, but couldn't save the image to upload here :(

Before taking this, I didn't know the scale and was thinking "75% is not 'extreme'!" but now that I see each question was graded on a 0-10 scale, I see pretty much everyone would have at least 100 points. Although, I'm surprised I come off so progressive, when I *felt* like I was being conservative on some issues.



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