Here us my score:
305/400. Extremely progressive
Here is your link if you want to take the quiz:

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347 But I think I'm too progressive for this test to rate effectively.
For example, the energy question asks about coal and oil to solar and wind?
I want a nuclear power plant in my back yard. That's progressive.
Yeah, me too, I got 292 points and couldn't understand some of the questions...
331/400 Extremely so
285 here. Way more progressive than most U.S. citizens! Not so much here :)
i dont know enough about the fair trade agreements to answer those so i put a five on all them cept 1 which i understood lol
The US Australia Free Trade agreement was great for large American based multinationals but screwed many small Australian industries.

it was brought in by our then PM John Howard and his right wing cronies who were implanted firmly up GW Shrubs rear end.

They would do anything he asked just so they could have photo opportunities with him.
Ah, "Free Trade". Good ol' doublespeak.
But I just put 5 on the ones I was neutral about, so it's possible the score was slightly inflated.
I find it kind of amusing most people seem to be scoring left of the liberal democrats.
And you know what is even more funny? I think all American parties are incredibly conservative on a lot of points which I would never agree with. I suspect I am more liberal than this test can deliver for many reasons (being aimed at American politics that I don't always know about being one of them, making my score askew).
Not all of them. I'm sure if you have a few hours to spend, you can find one that would more closely match your views.
From an Australian point of view, all US politics is extremely right of center (the Ozzie center, that is.) I suspect that this holds in Europe, too.




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