Here us my score:
305/400. Extremely progressive
Here is your link if you want to take the quiz:

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Australian politics is still way too far to the right for my liking. Once the Greens form government I'll be happier.
If you mean national politics as played out by the Demicans and Republicrats, yes, I agree.
We need a Monster Raving Loonie party !!!
Vermin Supreme is Emperor of the US. Demand a recount!
370... I'm pretty much playing at the warning track in front of the left field wall.
Oh, hop up on the fence here with me. The view is lovely!
I'm 334 / 400 = Extremely Progressive
303...extremely progressive but not a complete and total nutjob. (just kidding, put away the torches) :)
Oh, too bad. I was looking forward to adding some diversity to my annual holiday doorstop fruitcake.
My score was 351- extremely progressive. I am Australian born and raised but have spent the last 11 years in the US. That makes me less niave about US politics than the average international A/N Member, but my cultural background would skew my scores to the left of the US spectrum in spite of that.




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