I live in Kentucky......I would guess thats part of the "Bible Belt". Why is it that its so hard to find a free thinking woman around here? Then again I forgot where I'm talking about.

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I don't know, David, but I'm a non-theist living in Kansas City. There seems to be a good level of diversity here (the more, the merrier), especially in certain areas of the city. We still have a spate of the religious nuts and their ravings, a couple of major seminaries, and it seems like there's a church on every corner sometimes, but there is somewhat of a built-in tolerance, especially where I am near the universities and the more bohemian parts of town. Good luck, man.
thank you. Around here,the tolerance level varies. In my city and Louisville,its quite diverse. but in all the small coal-mining towns,nontheists are more or less non existant.

I also realize how much better non-theist sounds than atheist. Its just that the word was used as an insult when i was a child,so its a habit I'm trying to break
I live in Louisiana... non theists , single or otherwise are as rare as virgin goats...;)
I live in the buckle of the bible belt. Tennessee.....and I can totally relate to your predicament. There is a church on every corner here. I'm also in a tough age range. I'm 40, and let me tell you....I may be single for the rest of my life, unless I move...hehehe. It's frustrating, and I feel nauseated when I log on to my facebook account because most of my buddies are posting bs prayers and bible verses. Uggggghh....I would just settle for a face to face conversation that was intelligent with someone that was like minded. There is no way I'm going to settle either, because one way or another, the god thing comes in to play in a relationship, and I KNOW I'm never going to change my mind. I can't because I believe in fact only. I certainly wish things were different, but so far for me, not the case.....
Kelly, I just friended you but this site (and no other) bounces around on my phone and I think I may have "blocked messages" from you on accident. How do I undo that?
It's ... umm ... somewhere on the site ... maybe in her profile. There are so damned many toggle links on this site.
I got it and accepted :) As far as blocked messages I'm not sure. Anyhoo....we b buddies now! Thanks for the add. Good to know there's atheists rolling around everywhere down south!!
Lol, I'm down over by kansas they are out there, it's just many people are scared to be vocal about their atheism which makes them hard to find if they can't admit it to their friends and family... Until stigma is lessened it will continue to be like that.
Sounds about right. I'm in North Carolina, although we're only nominally part of the Bible Belt, nowadays. We went for Obama in 2008.

On top of that, I'm in the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill), which has three major universities in about a 10 mile radius. This is probably the biggest pocket of liberalism in the Bible Belt. So, we've got much better percentages of open-minded people, but if you wander much more than 10 or 15 miles outside of a major city, North Carolina is Southern Baptist central.

Being black also makes it kind of rough, since I think African-Americans are kind of under-represented, in the Atheist community, relative to the percentage in the American population in general. And then women in general are more religious than men ... and in my personal experience, the two combine to make for a whole bunch of religious black woman. I can only think of one black girl at work who isn't openly, very Christian.

So, I guess my point there is don't strictly stick to black women. I vaguely recall something about interracial marriage being on the decline, lately. I'd work against the trend, if I was you. I mean we've got several black women floating around on here, but playing the odds, you know?
I think it is hard to meet other Atheists no matter where you live! Here in West Texas, I have noticed the same problem. Have you tried to go to meetups.com??
there are a few meetup groups with atheists, not all of them are looking for relationships, but I think it is a good start to meet other like minded people.
Yup, I've been doing stuff with my local meetup group for a while now. It's easy for me, though, being in a fairly liberal area. My local group just passed 666 members.




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