I live in Kentucky......I would guess thats part of the "Bible Belt". Why is it that its so hard to find a free thinking woman around here? Then again I forgot where I'm talking about.

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The group where I live has nowhere near that many members!
Well, we don't have more than 40 or 50 active members. We were just talking about it, ahead of time, on what we should do to welcome the 666th member.
Hmm.... 666th member? Should all dress up in red with black eyeliner, and go out to eat somewhere! lol
Alas, my suggestion got voted down.
Down here in Southeast Texas, it's not much better.
I hope it isn't any worst than here in Louisiana. The sole reason I can't find someone is because 'm an atheist, I swear. Meet girl, hang out, talk, all goes well. Then the 'values' conversation happens and that's the end of it.
You=preacher Me=choir! I hear you man! I litteraly had a girl in bossier get up in the middle of dinner, not say a word and walk out on me never to speak to me again. She was nice too.
You have a pretty twisted definition of 'nice'. :-D
Well, you know... nice till she found out that I was a godless heathen! Lol!
The hardest part is actually finding another Atheist, who is close to you, that yall both have an attraction to eachother. Most Atheist guys here are ok with dating xtians, Idk why...
Ive personally never had a relationship with an Atheist man, but I promise that I will never have another relationship with a guy who "worships" any kind of "higher power"! I have learned my lesson!
Yea... I can go bad. Its a huge differance in levels... even tho I try to respect people and their right to their "beliefs" I don't realy respect the bieliefs themselves haveing seen outside the box... you can't date a believer anymore than you can date someone who thinks that weird dream the other night means they got abducted by aliens. Or someone who is sure there is a bigfoot. Its hard to see them as being anything other than dilusional....and you can't date someone you think is dilusional. Btw Tabi, since this is the singles site, I don't mind telling you that your very pretty! :)
Yeah, it's just a bugger that any random person on here is likely to be 1,500 miles away, if you only include the ones in the US and Canada.

And if you ever do get together with someone from that far away ... I mean jeeze, talk about pressure to make the relationship work. The casual dating period is also a bit rough.

Brits have got it so much easier. Even Brighton (south of London) to Glasgow, Scotland is only about 450 miles.




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