Oh, hey!  Here I am, posting away without even a jot nor a tittle of introduction.  I do apologize.

I'm 55, been an atheist since I was 12 (I celebrated my "Douglas Adams Year of Atheism" last year. ;) ) and I'm married to a pretty darned nice guy.  He's evolved from being pretty sure he was a Baptist (the faith he was raised in) to thinking, "Something must be out there, but organized religion is a total sham" over the course of our marriage.

We live with a completely tyrannical house-rabbit with delusions of grandeur and world domination.  Other than that, I play the bagpipes, knit, spin (make yarn that is), love to cook and read mysteries.  I'm also addicted to cryptography, astronomy and reading math and science books.

I'm not using my real name because it would cause a huge fuss with husband's parents and siblings.  They're all very, very religious and it would hurt my spouse to be cut-off from his Dad, particularly.  His Dad is getting older and suffering from some health issues and Spouse worries that he'd lose his Dad prior to losing his Dad, if you see what I mean.  So, for his sake, I'll remain somewhat in the closet for now.

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Welcome, and your rabbit does look quite tyrannical. 

Welcome Shrouded. That is one mean looking hare! Glad to see you here. Don't let the wascally wabbit get you down.

Sheesh, that's all we need: a bunny rabbit with an attitude! Seriously, greets and welcome! Glad you made it here.
Welcome Shrouded. Seems we have similar lives. I even had a couple miniature rabbits for a couple years. Outdoors though. In a huge pen that was on the ground. They dug tunnels to stay cool. Sweet things they were.

Welcome Shrouded.

Shrouded, when I was a kid we had hutch-rabbits in the back yard. They were the most polite neighbors we ever had.

Are house-rabbits more tyrannical than house cats, which my mom said were sovereign kingdoms with tails (and btw self-emptying mousetraps)?




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