How should we prepare for the coming climate change?

I think it's clear that there is no willingness of people in the US or other nations to try to turn back the pumping of CO2 into the atmosphere. 


I realize that this discussion is irrelevant to climate change deniers, and isn't for them.   That debate is elsewhere ad nauseum, and this is a different discussion.


Assumingthat (1) you do think we're in for a rough climate ride and (2) you question willingness of the word's major populations to do anything about it, and (3) it's not that far off from some major climate shifts, are you doing anything about it for yourself or your children?  Should you?


What led me to this was I was listening to an Oregon Public Radio discussion on transportation.  The speaker included in her worries, that the population of Oregon will grow quickly as people high-tail it out of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, etc where the heat will become intolerable.  I suppose.  Her point was that it takes time to build infrastructure, so better start thinking about it now.


Maybe it's time to buy land in Alaska before the price of housing there rises?


Im not a survivalist.  It's just a topic for conversation.  This reminds me of "How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb" or something like that. (Dr. Strangelove)

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I plan to stock up on sunscreen. It seems like a good occasion to try for a global tan.
I don't think there is any reasonable doubt whatever that the climate is changing. To what degree and over how long a time seems debatable. In any case, I plan to work diligently at doing nothing whatever about it. I may buy popcorn. I think "reality TV" would be way more entertaining if it included the flooding of Manhattan.
Good point about the sunscreen.  Remind me not to buy up any beachfront property in Miami, LA, Seattle, St. Thomas, Puerto Vallarta, Houston....  as well as Manhattan.  On the other hand, Denver might be an option.


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