Isn't it the only thing religious people understand is that my "god" is more real then your "god"? Even if you conquer them, they will not give up their belief. So, how do you "educate" these people that their belief is false and not worthy of continuing to believe it? People have tried reason. It doesn't work. People have tried intimidation. It has not worked. People have tried understanding. That has not worked.


What actually works?

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Zachary said: "Religion is on its last leg. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the majority of people are atheist/agnostic in the next two or three hundred years."

I disagree. We atheists are a minority in the US. In the rest of the world, I do not know how we are doing. But, at least in the middle east, religion is as dominant there as it is here in the USA. Different religions, but religion in general.


If the religious get their way, science will be no more. I fear that the public will be dumbed down so much so that they will accept religion's rule over them. Astrology, pseudo-science, pseudo-religion all are selling like they are going out of style, but that only strengthens the dumbing down trend. Unless we get the bulk of the next few generations interested in science, we have no chance at all.

I think most atheists do not believe religions have the power I think religions have. I fear religion. It's a healthy fear. Atheists will regret that they did not do more than they are currently doing to get rid of religion. Do I sound pseudo-religious in my unscientific warnings? Maybe I do, but you have to prove that my fear is not warranted before I give up that fear.



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