How to be a well-rounded individual, intellectually speaking?

How the hell do I science?

Ok, I just took a "General Knowledge Test" on this site [] mostly for the fun of it. I ended up scoring in the bottom tier and the site responded, rather condescendingly, that there was "room for improvement". Did this stupid webpage just turn its nose up at me, as if I was some kind of unwashed serf? The nerve!

All kidding aside that did kinda piss me off, though. I am going to take that thing again someday and kick its freaking ass, but for now I must retreat to lick my wounds. I also want to train up and be a well-rounded individual in an intellectual sense. I am reading a lot more recently, but mostly stuff to do with skepticism and science, specifically nueroscience. Help me be better? Please suggest any and all advice for being more well-rounded. Suggest books, movies, documentaries, websites, articles, tasks and everything in-between. 

You can rebuild me! You have the technology!

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When I find a word I don't know, I look it up and put it into my personal dictionary.  So I have a great collection of unusual words.

That isn't quite the same - but it's also nice to have a good vocabulary.

Not so long ago the wife and I watched "Naked And Afraid" on TV. This is a series in which a man and a woman are put in bad situations and expected to survive for 21 days. Each of the "players" have good survival skills and a primitive survival rating - usually a PSR from 6 to 8 plus. The couples might be put in a desert, swamp, or Africa, or South Anerican jungles. Viewers are encouraged to take the PSR test for themselves.

Now my wife is pissed! We each took the PSR test and she has a primitive survival rating of 2. This is not fair with her being from Africa, she says. She wonders how I scored 8.2? She thinks maybe I cheated on the test or something.  LOL




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