The title may be a little of an attention grabber....not sure it’s possible to directly convert a believer. BUT...I have made some really interesting headway with my wife (a solid christian who teaches at a christian school).

I discovered a video series on YouTube called "Beyond the Firmament" by a guy named Gordon J. Glover. He is a Christian. The entire point of his video series is to inform christians that they are doing more damage than good by continuing to ignore real science in lieu of the folk science teachings they are holding on to. He focuses on the age of the earth, the world wide flood, and of course evolution. The fascinating part of the series is that he completely disagrees with the early earth creationists, the flooders and the history deniers. He believes that the reason science and the bible don't mix is not because the science is wrong, it’s because christians are reading the bible wrong. He even points out other events in history where the science was right and christians denied it, because they thought it disagreed with what the bible said (like Geocentricism and the flat earthers). I would highly recommend checking these videos out.
The reason why these videos are helpful is because these are christian videos, from a strong believer, who essentially says....christians are wrong and actually provides some sound evidence with respect to these 3 main topics. Personally, I have never been able to discuss anything scientific with my wife at all...she's steadfast in her traditional stance on these scientific issues and has always refused to look at the science (or even talk about it). She has always been bothered when she sees a book lying around the house with titles like "the God Delusion" or God is not Great". She thinks all of my information and studying has been skewed because I refuse to get the christian perspective. Little does she know I've studied the christian perspective in detail...I've even been to William Lane Craig lectures. So when I told her I just saw some really interesting videos from a christian- she was suddenly interested. As of last night, she has seen 10 videos of the 16 video series (all about 10 mins each) and it has opened the floodgates of questions and dialogue. It has been fantastic. She doesn’t know that over the last 9 years or so I have spent hundreds of hours combing over the scientific evidence for the age of the earth...yet she watched a brief video from a christian (who agrees with us on the age of the earth) and suddenly she is willing to accept that she might be wrong. By the end of the video series, I suspect that she might be willing to admit to herself that she has enough information to know the truth, as long as it doesn’t affect her believe in Jesus and her salvation. Which is fine with me. If she’s willing to accept that she was wrong about some of her traditional christian theology, with respect to science, she has to wonder if she is wrong about anything else. Which I will be more than happy to point out that she is…just as I was.
Even so, if she never moves beyond a believer who has found a way to accept the reality of scientific evidence and adjust her religious views so that it fits…then that works for me. It’ll be 3 things we don’t disagree on.
Now…go watch these videos and think of the christians you know that would be interested to learn a little about what some of the more educated christians have to say about science. Admitting you are wrong is the first step to recovery!

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