hey all (srry bout bad spelling, doin this on mobile)) but my parents, mainly mother, wants to go to this southern baptist church. I have a predisposition to get migraines, and this church has everything that gives me one. old people perfume, makeup, heat(stuffy), excessive noise, and the noise being fundamentalist christian ignorance (i have nothing wrong with modern/intelligent christians, but i haye facebook open christians bcuz they r so ignorant. my mother is a strong believer in the "perfect christian family" mentality. how do i convince my mother to let me stay home? please help, this church is literally painful!

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If you have a drivers' license, why not compromise with your mother by finding a more progressive or less extravagant church to go to? Perhaps a church that a friend might attend.

How old are you? What role does your father have in your decision making? Does he agree with your mother? 


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