I'm an atheist, obviously since I am here, but I have a big problem. 

I can't argue with believers. Often they are christians since I live here in USA now. And to be honest that is one religion I really dislike.

Almost all of the believers I talk to, when the religion subject opens they just have zero GOOD arguments and above that, they INSULT ME telling me they do not care what I believe, that I can't prove it and that they can (due to historical evidences). And one of them I was talking to is actually my good friend, and he insulted the ... out of me and I ended up kicking him in the nuts. I can't stand it. I almost want to go cry and punch a wall after arguing with a Christian. They are just extremely stupid in what they believe and argue about....

How can I deal with this? Please help me.

Two things I can't tolerate: People who abuse animals and Christians.

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Rather than argue with the really crazy believers, I would strongly encourage arguing with those people in the "middle" who can be persuaded. There actually are a lot of such people. Some people may say they are Catholic, for example, but they almost never attend church and rarely think about religion. Such people have less at stake and are more open to contrary arguments than "fundamentalists." I certainly have had a lot of success arguing with people in the "middle."

Agreed! On the very rare occasions I engage a street preacher (if I'm passing them and simply can't stand it), it's not for their benefit but for the bystanders. Last month at a big July 4th street festival, when a preacher was going on and on about us all being unworthy sinners, I shouted to the crowd that if the powerful Christian god were real, HE would need to get on his knees [so to speak], HE would need to apologize to US, HE would need to repent to US, HE would need to do restitution to US for creating or allowing all the horrific, gratuitous suffering and death we experience. Bone cancer in children?! Parasites that specifically feed on children's eyeballs? The knowing, willful creator of those would be the real criminal! (One of the onlookers thanked me afterwards.)

Just hang in there because you cannot argue with a believer. Any believer. I hold all religion in disdain and I am a former Christian.

Christians are amazing! Very often they are trying to tell me what god wants, what he thinks, and what he says. How do they know? The more you study belief the more you see they are just making it up. They make no sense.

Martin Luther hated the Jews because they killed his Jesus, but wasn't Jesus also a Jew? Sometimes I think the answer is just to kick them in the nuts too. I'm on your side.

I disagree that one cannot convince a Christian.  I have done so in the past, provided the person with whom I am talking is fairly intelligent.  One just has to keep repeating one's arguments enough times in slightly different ways over a long course of time, and they can sink in.  I befriended someone as an undergrad, and I kept politely arguing and arguing every day in the cafeteria and at other times I encountered him.  Now, he is an atheist, and I had a lot to do with it.  This guy is quite intelligent, mind you.  He has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering.  This might take longer or not be possible with a lot of other people.



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