I'm an atheist, obviously since I am here, but I have a big problem. 

I can't argue with believers. Often they are christians since I live here in USA now. And to be honest that is one religion I really dislike.

Almost all of the believers I talk to, when the religion subject opens they just have zero GOOD arguments and above that, they INSULT ME telling me they do not care what I believe, that I can't prove it and that they can (due to historical evidences). And one of them I was talking to is actually my good friend, and he insulted the ... out of me and I ended up kicking him in the nuts. I can't stand it. I almost want to go cry and punch a wall after arguing with a Christian. They are just extremely stupid in what they believe and argue about....

How can I deal with this? Please help me.

Two things I can't tolerate: People who abuse animals and Christians.

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It is impossible to argue with a Christian just like it is impossible to argue with a koolaid drinker in todays Trumpian World. Logic is never involved. Just a lot of mixed up BS. On other sites a believer will often say to me "yeah, but what if?" Sorry. I don't even think that way. Why would I discuss nonsense about an invisible man in the sky? Neither of us will change the mind of the other. I tell you this and I once studied to be a Pentecostal preacher. Gods are imaginary.




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