First, toss religious clutter. Quit religion and require evidence of people who want me to accept their religion.


With that done political clutter may be next, especially between now and election day.

Vilfredo Pareto advised "Analyze political talk not for its intellectual content, but for its emotional impact."

Being a guy and for years taught to ignore feelings, learning to do this took time. During several years of intense political activity I learned that when political talk stirs fear it's the work of conservatives. When it stirs guilt it's the work of liberals. And when it stirs anger it's the work of progressives. BTW, I'm a progressive, out to the left of liberals, and a lot of what now exists angers me.

At 85, having no children and owning no low-lying land, I leave many climate change concerns to others.

I also require evidence of people who want me to act on their political views.

There are more ways than those to dispose of mental clutter. What do you suggest?

The rewards? I get to choose the kind of clutter I like.

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Daniel, I vote for the marijuana. I can't tolerate a lot of meds for different reasons. Cannabis has many proven medical benefits. You can't find a better medicine. If the government would legalize it in every state it would hurt big pharmaceutical companies a lot.

If joining the army helped you attend school maybe the one time you used it was a good thing :)
And I enjoy gardening and do most of my baking during the times I medicate.

Get rid of what you don't need. A cluttered house makes you uneasy, and it's a burden to take care of all these things. Too radical? Even if you're not convinced there are lots of things to recycle, to give away or to throw away. When in doubt, make a picture of it and get rid of it.

Can I do it myself? With most things, but ....... there are about threethousand books here, all titles the library doesn't have...

It's a struggle when you live with a packrat! My partner is also a packrat.

Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer the traditional method for 60s children. Maintain a critical mass of sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll. Or, dump your TV. (If you have an erection that lasts more than six hours . . . )

Bertold, lol. You crack me up.

Hey, cheap shots 'R us!



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