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More and more of my online activity is moving to ipad.  That way I can follow anywhere I go.

I use the Feedly app to update me for various news sites, blogs, sites, specific news topics, and special interest sites.  It's not perfect, but as I learn the ins and outs, it's better than just browsing the web.

Here's my question.  I figured out how to route the Atheist Nexus "current activity" into Feedly.  That is good but it's too much info, a lot to sort through.

I also figured out how to route discussion topics from the groups I subscribe to on Atheist Nexus, into Feedly..  That's good, but it does not include the comment walls, where most of the discussion is occurring.

Is there a way to route a group's comments to an RSS reader like Feedly or others?

Is there a way to route specific discussions to that RSS reader?

Thanks for any guidance!

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