"How to have an Election De-Certified" or "Politics as usual in Anchoragua".

I wrote this in the Alaskan Atheists Meet-up group comment section. But I think the controversy was good enough to share with you fine folk at A/N. I wish I were better at all links and crap, but I'm kinda new at this Internet stuff but if you want to see more of the decline of America just Google Anchorage Daily News and go from there.

Just a BTW, Jerry Prevo and the Anchorage Baptist Temple have spent an enormous amount of money to get Prop. 5 defeated.  And he just released a tentative proposal to build a 230 foot cross to tower over the city.  

"Incredible. I am so glad that I do not live in Anchorage. I simply just cannot imagine an election process being run so poorly unless I'm imaging it happen in North Korea or Iran. How could you possibly turn people away from the polls and send them elsewhere only to be told when you get there that they too have no ballots and you are told to go to yet another polling place only to find that they too are also out of ballots and still expect to have the election certified? How could any of the candidates that won look the camera in the face and accept a victory? If the citizens of Anchorage accept the results of this debacle, I don't know how they can still consider themselves Americans? Mr. Sullivan, out of sheer PRINCIPLE alone, should declare the election void and demand a new election. To do otherwise would shatter the very idea of democracy.

The citizens who have sat on the bench for so long, that includes us atheists, simply cannot allow this to happen. This election fraud must be resisted. Demand a fair and legal election. If we give up this right, we have lost the meaning of what all those soldiers and patriots REALLY died for.

On a side note I couldn't help but notice how soundly Prop 5 was defeated. I also couldn't help but notice that those same people voted overwhelmingly to spend others peoples money, I guess it doesn't matter whether your gay or not when it comes that. Conservative my ass."

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