Fantastic work Mitt, you go to London to bolster your cred with foreign leaders and end up insulting the Brits with your comments on the Olympics. Then you forget the name of the UK opposition leader you call him "Mr Leader" (his name is Ed Milliband) then you blab to the media about your briefing by MI6,and you want to be POTUS!

If that's not enough you belong to a cult with beliefs only someone on mind altering substances could grasp. You ran a company which put thousands of Americans out work and sent their jobs offshore, and then you give millions of dollars you made from screwing over your fellow citizens to the very same cult.

The final straw is getting another religious nut (Bobby Jindal) to go on the record supporting you and telling people you never said such things.

Keep up the good work Mitt you're the gift that keeps on giving.

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