According to scripture the mark of a beast is 666. The Baptist hymnal contains 666 hymns. What's up with that Baptists?

The Baptists never sought to change this by adding or deleting a hymn. Explain that Baptists!

Since the most depravity in the US is in the Bible belt and since the Bible belt is comprised primarily of Baptists then clearly the Baptist Church is or is in league with the anti-Christ.

When trolling those hypocrites use this factoid on them.

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More ways to piss off a Baptist ... or any evangelical who claims to live by their Buy-Bull:

And that's just off the top of my head!

But Christians are excused from all that Old Testament stuff! Or from none of it. Or from just some of those rules. Or from everything except the stuff about teh icky gheyz! The New Testament can be used to support all of those positions.

Anyway, some people flaunt their flouting of biblical prohibitions!

(Tattoed on someone's forearm, in a 'churchy' Blackletter / Gothic / Old English script) Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD. Leviticus 19:28 (captioned: (C)2016 Uncle Sam /

That is hilarious in SO many ways!

Oh, and ANY TIME some evangelical noob wants to claim that Jesus sets 'em free from the OT: Matthew 5:17-20.  It's what you call an inconvenient verse.

I used to go into Christian chat rooms as a Calvinist and post scripture that supports the idea that God has already predetermined their fates and that free will is a lie. 

I can't find any Christian chat rooms to troll. I think that they are all gone. Pity!

Loren, they always answer that "Jesus changed all of that." Zero proof for the answer they give here but they give it anyway.

To which I say again, Matthew 5:17 - 20. Their dear boy didn't come to destroy the law, but to fulfill it, or so he said. And let's not forget that all of the law will remain in force until all things are fulfilled, supposedly.

And for anyone who believes that, I still have that plot of real swell swampland in Florida.

I never troll. Anyway, numerology is archaic nonsense. Actual mathematics has lots of useful applications.

It's not helpful to insult and put down people. I prefer to treat others with respect, even theists. It doesn't enhance one's own image to demonize others, such behavior just makes an individual seem insecure in his or her own worth. Dominator Culture encourages people to seek provisional self-esteem by invidious comparison. I'm a Partnership gal, egalitarian oriented.

Agreed; as difficult as it can sometimes be, it's better to disrespect specifically the beliefs that don't deserve respect, and not the people holding them.

Numerology and other such coincidences can be a mnemonic for ideas validated through sound argument (also for reinforcing nonsense!); they don't prove anything.

GC..I rarely encounter disagreement in the notion that we ought to separate believer from belief.

It is unrealistic in settings that result in holders of bad belief acting on those and causing harm. In friendly debates it is easy peezy Charmin squeezey. 

But lets say hate group member espousing racial inferiority of Mexicans lynches your sister...just try and be philosophical!





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