Teach them how to fight back:

If some kid threatens your kid with hell tell him/her to answer back:

-Oh yeah, prove to me it's real!  Prove it!-

-Hell is just as make believe as Santa Claus and firebreathing dragons (stupid)

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I use this tactic on other sights like You Tube and Google, etc. any time I find a relgious nut. Having once been one myself, I'm good with scripture but often do not quote it. I simply mention the words of the scripture and weave it all together to prove that what I'm being hit with makes no sense. This is very similar to what you are saying our kids should do, and it works! Prove it is what they are left with. Many times they do not talk to me any longer because there is nothing left to say. I use this tactic on any religious pedler or believer that comes at me with their nonsense.

In this day and age, bullying should be intolerable, regardless of the how the kid is being bullied.  If the teachers or administrators cannot be bothered to take appropriate corrective action, they are sucking for a lawsuit with their name on it, and I don't care if the location is Burlington, Vermont or Birmingham, Alabama.  I would also imagine that the Legal Department of the FFRF would have some thoughts on the subject as well, depending on how extreme things have become.

As for teaching the kids to defend themselves, that would depend on their age and precocity, but I wouldn't rule it out, either.

The bullies in the Catholic schools I went to were the teachers, most of them nuns and priests.

The priests bullied with knowledge; the nuns bullied with public shaming.

In two years in a boys-only Jesuit high school, the only lay teacher I had was the head coach. He bullied with his prestige and loud voice.

On pieces of plain white paper folded as letters I have printed ether of the following:

"Hell is as real as Santa Claus and fire breathing dragons"

"God is the imaginary guy who has never shown up once in a all of human history despite the pleas of millions during the worst disasters and atrocities"

"When some kid tells you that your are going to Hell because you don't believe in Jesus Christ" tell him to prove that hell is real and not just his way of making you into his  slave.

As I go on my various errands, doctor appointmens etc, I just insert these in magazines or with merchandise I find that is of interest to the young..   I place some in the magazine "Seventeen" or some sports magazines. 

I want to teach the young how to fight back against the religious who try to bully and frighten them.

Those are good ideas, Eric. I make similar random comments on Yahoo News articles and on You Tube. I've started making them in Quroa as well.

What gets me is that certain people think something that happened would have been worse except for god. They still can't show you anything that god did. Then you run onto that die hard who says "what do you mean you don't believe in god? You woke up this morning didn't you?" They forget that if you didn't wake up you wouldn't be thanking anybody.

On another note, why do they all believe in god but don't want to go and live with him? He promised how wonderful it would be and still they don't want to go. The best of these liars tell you of how unhappy their family would be if they were gone, but yet they want to believe that everyone will be happy in heaven even knowing that some of the family is in hell.

Actually, around the age of 10, I had an imaginary girlfriend, my mind had composed from the traits of all the women I admired at the time, plus the abilities of Supergirl.  So I was well acquainted with the concept of having imaginary friends.

A high school RI instructor confronted me one day in front of the class, possibly to shame me with the comment:  "Graeme, I hear you are stupid enough not to believe in God!" 

I cannot remember my exact reply, but it kinda went like this: 

Well Zorro, (our pet name for him with his long black dress that he wore to class) I used to believe I had an imaginary girlfriend, who made me feel special, just as your God makes you feel special and superior, but, the only difference between us, is that I realized she was entirely imaginary!  

The rest of the class laughed and Zorro didn't respond, as I suppose he had some thinking to do as my comment left him looking stunned.

Needless to say, many of the class became atheists that year, and we ganged up on Zorro, and by half way through the year, he had a nervous breakdown and retired from teaching.

Oh the pranks we pulled on him, possibly led to that.

On one day, we steamed off the labels on his religious vinyl records and replaced them with rock-n-roll records, to the amusement to the rest of the class.

He was a sick man.

Thankfully, there was no RI class for the rest of the year, nobody was game enough to try!  :-D~

A couple of other amusing moments with Zorro.

One day, in Summer of course, Zorro turned up in a white gown.

To which one of the gang at the back of the class yelled out: Zorro's seen a ghost!!

To which the rest of the class, including Zorro, burst out in raucous laughter.

Though some of the pranks were a little cruel, such as putting cotton on a drawing pin and placing it on his chair, while putting a toilet roll on the table to distract him.

He glared at the class, holding up the toilet roll, asking who put this here, while he blindly sat down, only to give a scream of pain and turn around to look at his chair, to which the class burst into laughter, saying, "Ha Ha, Zorro is a rabbit!  "

It looked cool, a white cottontail on a black robe though they should have used glue or stickytape instead of a drawing pin.  

The headmaster told the class so, after Zorro complained.


wow - that is beautiful - poetic justice i would say.

Ridicule is the perfect nonviolent way to deal with these characters!  Go You!!

I have two grandkids in Albuquerque public schools.  They have been openly non-theistic since early elementary school.  They say the nearest they've had to bullying is threat of hell, which they point out doesn't exist for them.  The older says in high school religion seems sort of a niche interest.  Things are changing.

very good to hear - as a 75 year old I am somewhat "removed" from these events.

I have written Scalia, Santorum, O'Reilly etc the following note:

Any scumbag who ever threatens my kids or grandkids with their phony Hell is gonna have to talk to me.

Eric Stone


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