Over the years, in fits of enthusiasm, I started a few groups that are no longer active.  Either due to my short attention span, or people weren't so interested.

As the originator or "Creator" of a group, I think there is a responsibility to moderate it.  Also, only the creator has the option to do certain group functions, editing, assign administrator, and I think some other functions.

I've been doing some personal housekeeping and streamlining, and want to clean up the groups that are not active, just remove them.  

Does anyone know how to do that?

Second question is does anyone know how to reassign "creator' of a group to a different, interested person.  The creator has options to manage a group that an administrator does not.  The only way that I know is for someone else to start a similar group, as creator, and tell everyone in the first group that it's changing to the second.  Seems awkward.

I'm not planning to leave Nexus.  Simplifying.


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I would love to help you with your groups. I think in the setup there is a way to add a moderator. Looks under Options under the group.

I think it is there.

Steph, thanks.  I added you on the Welcome Group administrator role.

Thank you Melinda.  Not leaving, but trying to streamline and need to prioritize and use my time more deliberately.  Doing well, but in a "new normal".

After googling on Ning Remove Group, it might not be possible for the group creator to remove a group.  One writer stated that it can be done on firefox but not IE8, although I'm on Chrome.  Not wanting to add clutter with another browser, so I'll leave it be.

I did change one almost-never-used group name to "deleted group", changed the logo to blank grey, and closed all of the group functions, and closed it to new members.  It's still there, but not something people will go to expecting activity when in fact there wasn't any. 




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