How to Win an Election in South Carolina: Mark Sanford

Remember this guy?  While serving as Republican governor of So. Carolina, he disappeared for several days, then reappeared, saying he'd gone hiking in the mountains.  But he was exposed as a philanderer, having an affair with a South American woman, not his wife.  Then he ran for the U. S. House of Representatives against a TV comedian's sister, a Dem.  In interviews, he explained his rehabilitation as a pol by claiming God had forgiven him and "by God's grace, the voters gave me another chance."  God may have forgiven him, but I have not.  Appealing to the delusions of voters in his state got this sorry sap elected to national office.  Jesus put him in the same bunch of obstructionist rubes that are killing all progressive legislation at the national level. He is no longer a South Carolina disgrace, he is a national disgrace.  Thank you, So. Carolina.  Too stupid to vote.

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"All of this money was confiscated from anti-NRA protesters. It came directly from the bank account of Michael Bloomberg. That's where Colbert's money was coming from, too."

To which I have a two-word rebuttal: SO WHAT?

Actually, I need more than two words. WTF is he doing with protesters' money and what justifies its confiscation? And again, so what if Michael Bloomberg is supporting Colbert-Busch. The Kochs supported Sanford's ilk up the ying-yang (per the Citizens United decision, and no one called foul. Is this bit of political burlesque supposed to have any genuine significance or is Sanford playing to his audience? [gee, do we really have to guess here???]

Well, here in Alabama we have Father Gov. Robert Bentley and Roy"Don't Touch My Testaments" Moore.

Those "Family Value" Republicans never cease to amaze me.

Makes one want to puke. I don't blame Sanford--I blame the ignorant red-neck voters.

Go ahead. Blame Sanford.  He RAN.

I live in SC, and there really are many great things here.  The Blue Ridge foothills, the coast, the weather.  Even many people here are decent regardless of their beliefs and politics, and I have come to know and be friends with people I disagree with in this regard.

Then there is Mark Sanford and his ilk.  Thanks to him and others like him, it is becoming increasingly difficult to acknowledge that this is where I live.  You can blame the electorate that put him in office, you can blame Sanford himself, but I would also place a great deal of blame on the pulpits on just about every street corner and in every small town and mill hill in the state.  The vast majority of people here attend church services regularly, not just twice on Sundays but Wednesday nights as well, and are constantly being told that their values, morals, and traditions are under constant threat from atheists, Muslims, Democrats and Obama.  I have been to a few of these services (with my inner voice of skepticism as loud as ever) and heard it myself.

These preachers know that people will take drastic measures when they feel threatened.  They often talk about the hand of god, but really it is more like the invisible hand of Hippocrates that guides the decisions of the constituency.  It's as if they are saying "What does it matter that Sanford is a philanderer, liar and adulterer: electing him is for the greater good of protecting our tradition, culture and heritage."

Sadly, part of that culture is a thorough brainwashing by way of twisted and faulty logic from the earliest age of memory through adulthood that does not allow them to see how completely stupid this sounds to the rest of us.  We understand the need to lead by example.  Yet here it seems, words carry more weight than actions.  It's so damn ass-backwards that it's sickening.

Hey, any state that sends Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint to D.C. is all right by me.

I echo your comment wholeheartedly James. Being a USA citizen is an embarrassment. To claim he has been given grace, and voters buying into that delusion, says too much of what this country is not about. I don't care if he cheats on his wife, that is their business. I do care if he cheats on me, and he has, by the stances he takes. Hypocrite, bigot, deceiver, dogmatist! Not qualities I admire. 


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