How to Win an Election in South Carolina: Mark Sanford

Remember this guy?  While serving as Republican governor of So. Carolina, he disappeared for several days, then reappeared, saying he'd gone hiking in the mountains.  But he was exposed as a philanderer, having an affair with a South American woman, not his wife.  Then he ran for the U. S. House of Representatives against a TV comedian's sister, a Dem.  In interviews, he explained his rehabilitation as a pol by claiming God had forgiven him and "by God's grace, the voters gave me another chance."  God may have forgiven him, but I have not.  Appealing to the delusions of voters in his state got this sorry sap elected to national office.  Jesus put him in the same bunch of obstructionist rubes that are killing all progressive legislation at the national level. He is no longer a South Carolina disgrace, he is a national disgrace.  Thank you, So. Carolina.  Too stupid to vote.

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I echo your comment wholeheartedly James. Being a USA citizen is an embarrassment. To claim he has been given grace, and voters buying into that delusion, says too much of what this country is not about. I don't care if he cheats on his wife, that is their business. I do care if he cheats on me, and he has, by the stances he takes. Hypocrite, bigot, deceiver, dogmatist! Not qualities I admire. 



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