One way we can get do it is to understand his motivation. Scalia is a total Catholic Justice who life is motivated entirely by his allegiance to his Church. He is in fact an agent of it and the role probably takes precedence over any other of his obligations and duties, probably even over his duties as a parent. 


He is thus committed to do his utmost to advance  the interests of the Church in its imperial goal of achieving dominion over all of humanity. Despite the fact that this is the 21st century, this Church is still mired in its medieval goal and quest to achieve dominion over all of humanity and make us all its servants and funders.


Therefore the best way to get Scalia's goat is simply to inform him and his friends that he is a major reason his Church has been losing members in recent years. As more and more of our young people become aware of the true motives of this religion, and hear this bigot go off at the mouth about "unintelligent" African Americans and the Devil-worshipping atheists, they have gotten fed up and left it. 


When I was running an atheist group in New York, about 5 years ago the dominant demographic of our members was ex-Catholic. Mr. Scalia's vile comments about atheists and minorities are well known among our young people whom he often has needled and threatened with Hell. It is likely therefore that he is a major reason for the loss of members by this religion and I am certain that he will be delighted to hear the news as brought to light by us atheists, his favorite group.

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Scalia's son Paul is just as outwardly homophobic as his father. The rotten apple doesn't fall that far from the diseased tree.

Maybe we should focus on getting our message to the son?

There are a couple things we can do, not only to get Scalia's goat but his attention as well:

  1. Compile a collection of his more egregious decisions, especially those that work against the public good, such as Citizens United, and publicize them.
  2. Compile a similar list of his indiscretions as a justice, particularly cases where he should have recused himself and didn't.
  3. Start a grass-roots campaign for Scalia's impeachment as a Supreme Court judge, using Points One and Two above as justification.

I doubt that last would work ... but it'd be satisfying as hell!

yes very satisfying

but we might be able to really irritate him by continually pointing our to his letter openers and email readers that he himself is the reason that his church is losing so many members.

Alternatively we might send these repeatedly to his fascist son, paul, and make him get very angry that some atheist is accusing his father of being a chief failure for the church!

And let us not forget his insane rant about the devil being real on one of the news shows.
He sounded like a lunatic!

He is! He is a Roman Catholic!

To borrow from some of the replies here, I feel that the man is a total Roman Catholic lunatic. He should not have the position he has and if he wants to keep it, he should be told to keep his religion out of it. A true separation of church and state is more than just a matter of public schools. This man's decission making ability is compromised in the worst way.




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