In our family we celebrate the solstice as a way of having fun, teaching science and showing others just where the winter holidays come from.

I take a kid's small basketball and make it into a globe with a tilted axis as our earth.  I then put a bright LED at the center of a wide table and with the earth at one end and a sheet showing the plane of our solar system. Using this model, I show our family, including our 2 grandkids why the days are shorter and colder in the winter than summer.

In the following years it becomes the job of our youngest to explain these same things to the family as a way of learning some astronomy, some history and how to speak in front of one's family and other groups.

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We have forgotten the truth of the dates due to the infiltration of Christian illusions. I think it's about time dreamland stepped aside and reality took over. If Jesus ever lived then he was nothing but a tramp; A flee bitten rat bag that Judas Iscariot and his family would have never gone near. The Iscariots were nationalists and organised the Jewish rebel army to fight the Roman occupation, a piece of nonsense like Jesus would not have interested them whatsoever.

When Lazarus's sister washed his feet she found he had a pair of socks on!!!!

I have people tell me today that you can come back from the dead. They tell stories of modern medicine and clinically dead people. Of course, this is their proof that Jesus came back. We know it's so coz Charlie was dead for 23 minutes. It's a fact!

My answer is that none of this works after rigor has set in. They remain dead as a door nail.

We have a Winter Solstice Celebration with huge bonfires burning the slash from clearing out the deadwood from the forest. We cut down trees to protect buildings from potential damage by blown down trees or forest fires.

The slash goes onto a Winter Solstice pile to burn on the longest night of the year and we use the tree trunks to create swales and hugelkulturs. 

The ash from the fires is biochar that gets spread into the swales and raised beds, 

All my great-grandchildren, grandchildren and my daughter's family join in the festivities and they bring their friends along. We have a sledding hill on the property, we build an igloo out of water filled milk jugs that we hope will freeze in time for the festival. They collect milk jugs all year in preparation for this event. So far this winter, the temperatures have been too warm to freeze them. There are snowmobiles with some interesting trails through the forest. These trails provide entertainment all year long. The feast consists of potluck dishes created by excellemt family & friend cooks. One of our family members is a survival school instructor; he teaches the young ones how to survive a winter snow storm outdoors. He also teaches those who like to cook how to use wild plants in our meals. 

I use a red fir tree as a bird feeding station. Many different birds come regularly for their winter feasts, We get out the bird books trying to identify the many species that arrive.

It is snowing now, covering the branches of red and white fir, cedars, and pines,.

This dark time of the year, when the gardens sleep, resting for another productive year, many animals disappear even as the deer and birds continue to feed at their food stations. Dormancy for us, too. We do so many inside things that bring lovely memories for the little ones and meaningful memories for we elders.

Winter Solstice fulls us all with a sense of wonder. 

Amazing!  Go Joan and friends!




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