My college is lacking an atheist group and I have been thinking about starting one. But I have rarely been a part of any sort of  group so creating one is a mystery to me. Any tips, suggestions, or pointers? I have no clue where to start.

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A simple starting point may be trying to find others who share your views. You may know a couple of friends but getting the word out would be the best options. You might try printing up some flyers and submitting them for posting at the local student center. I’m not sure what the bill posting policy is at your particular school, but most schools have some process everyone must follow.

Keep it simple. Not need to get complicated right out of the gate. Just pick a place with a decent atmosphere and not to loud so people can talk. You may only have a few people there at the first gathering, but that is ok. It would help if they have access to something to eat or drink. (like a restaurant)

Keep it short and sweet. For the formal meeting you might aim for an hour and see how it goes. Some may want to hang out longer, but at least you have set a limit for those who do actually have an 8 o’clock class the next morning.

Give plenty of notice and then remind. Set the date far enough in advance that people have time to plan. If you can get them to RSVP that is cool but don’t require it. If someone does RSVP make sure you send a simple quick reminder the day before just to keep it fresh in everyone mind. Emails usually work great for that.

Try one of the online services like “” They are free for the first few months and it can give you a hand in planning and reminding. If you gain enough members you can actually sign up for the service later.

Let me know if you need additional information. You can look me up on Facebook

Peace, Chad



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