Ok, that sounds good. Thanks for the discussion so far. But real quick, may I ask you this question: What is the inverse of the statement "I don't believe in God?" Seems there should be an inversely logical conclusion. "I don't believe in God; therefore, inversely, I do believe there is no god." I don't believe x; therefore, I believe in the opposite of x. It sounds like a mathematical equation because it is.


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There are many different definitions of God so this is pretty much pointless. Someone saying they believe there is no God lacks an understanding that words can have many meanings, and in the case of God there are almost as many meanings as there are people. Forexample the pantheist god is pretty much equivalent to the atheist life outlook, except it's maybe a little bit sexier... especially if we happen to be inside and one with the Goddess ^^
How about, "What? How could you NOT believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster!!!!!'

I disagree with your wording here:


"No. Atheism is merely the lack ("a") of theism, or the belief in a deity or deities. I simply don't believe in God. I don't have faith."


Faith ≠ Belief.  

A "belief" is simply any proposition that one holds to be true. 

"Faith" is a type of belief, one which is held without evidence (or in spite of evidence to the contrary)


So a strong atheist does have a positive belief (that a god or gods do not exist), and a weak atheist basically doesn't know.


Note that the "strong atheism" is not the same as "absolute certainty", which is a common straw man argument made against atheists.



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