My life has gone pretty far down the shitter in recent months, and I'm starting to wonder if this is all because of me in some way?

I've been out of school for a while now and i've been jobless too, not by joice though. So naturally my social life has been getting worse and worse. First I lost my boyfriend of 2 years, then I lost my best friend cause she decided to randomly ignore me for no reason. Then I lost my other best friend who I knew never really cared about me, but i was naive enough to think it was better than having no one at all...Is there something wrong with me? I'm seriously wondering this cause my life couldn't be in a worse place right now. I'm living with my aunt, all i do every day is watch my cousins, clean and going out for fun is like a monthly thing at best. I have no money, I'm dealing with an illness. Everything is wearing me down so much and I honestly feel more defeated than i ever have. I'm not saying i've had the worst life cause i definitely havent, but let's just say a surplus of abandonment has forced me into adulthood earlier than most . The worst part is that i'm usually very down to earth, i dont get over emotional or overdramatic about anything so I really hate feeling this way.

So how would others deal with this? I'm hoping this will help me out, so if you feel like it, shoot me an answer plz.

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I'm all over the drug part :)
All you can do is hang in, and stay positive. I'm feeling a little isolated these days also. I just got into it with this uppity old dude with the neighborhood association. They wanted me to fix my roof, and take care of some exterior mildew/rot, and i told him that it's not my house, i'm a renter. He looked disgusted. I've never felt welcome with this bunch, so i stopped paying my dues. Add that to lack of non religious (none) around here, and it's pretty lonely. After my brother outed me in front a bunch of people, i noticed that i haven't heard from 2 of my childhood friends in a long time. I'm also coming to a conclusion about my brother. I'm doing an experiment. I take note of every time my brother contacts me, and it's always for something to benefit him, not me. So i'm taking a break from him, and it's actually helping my mood a little bit. Just keep reaching out, and looking for the positive. The way you filter things can really make a difference.
Wow really? Honestly, when i hear shit like that it makes me wish i had a shot gun and a lisence to kill :/ Not that i would kill your brother lol, but just so you know i've never understood dicrimination before, not against gays or anyone...and he outted you!? That's enraging!!
just to clarify: he exposed me as an atheist. It probably wouldn't have been as bad if i were gay, but i wouldn't know. I do know that the room got real quiet and awkward. I guess i didn't really have any friends there anyway.
Have you tried praying? kidding of course.. I am a union ironworker and am used to going through short spurts of unemployment but I have been riding a 6 month wave and it is sooooooo boring. I practically jump for joy when I get a quick day or 2 job. I have started volonteiring my services to people around the neighborhood for free doing handyman work. They always throw me a little money but the important part is that I'm out in the world and staying busy. I appreciate the money but I don't ask for or even expect any money. Basically just try to keep busy. That's how I get by.
I can relate with that Meddlesome, so called friends coming out of woodwork when I could offer them something.....usually a place to stay or comic relief as I drink myself stupid. I like the way you sum up its better to have a true low number than a false high. I like having limited friends....reduces the need to remember Birthdays or go to weddings.......a great money saver in periods of financial hardship.

As for the original post, it will get better, life is a series of highs, lows and level parts, pretty much like the economy. Most people go through it, new jobs, no jobs, new homes, money troubles, health problems, loss in family and freinds, but even when it feels at its lowest point there will always be a way through it. Hang in there and don't be afraid to ask for help.




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