hey there my name is Vince but I go by the Turkish name of Mount Ararat, Agri Dagh it means mountain of pain and since I have become ill fits nicely. I am a retired Pyrotechnician who toured the Southeast US doing shows and special effect for the Military, Wrestling Promotions, Stage work, and municipal aerial displays.

I also was the Operations manager for a major HMO but had to retire from the world when I started blacking out due to a neurological issue.

So I cant drive travel or work at all, I spend most of my time reading and can infrquently spend time on the internet , which quickly makes me dizzy and causes my vision to blur and fail.

Other than that life is a joy

Agri Dagh

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I go by the Turkish name of Mount Ararat, Agri Dagh it means mountain of pain

Seems a bit like stressing the negative ;)
I'm sick a lot too :(

Luara the pain isn't mch of a negative it's the neuro fog and agression that gets me.

I have been in an allergy fog almost all the time since late 2009.  It's horrible, my thoughts are in a muck and not doing very much. 

It seems I'm foggy from chronic exposure and I keep trying unsuccessfully to avoid allergens.  Today I got an allergic reaction from a couple spots of mold on food about the size of a pinhead (inhaled, I didn't eat it.)  I was astonished. 

Oh and sorry you are sick alot.
I do forget to notice other people exist quite often.
I'd be a narcissist if I wasn't such a skeptic.




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