I'm Scott, a southern atheist living in a backwoods, small town in Tennessee. I love the south but the religious zealots here rack my nerves quite a bit. Just making my presence known.

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For what I hear, Scott, you're not alone in that sentiment ... but you are more than welcome here!  C'mon in and take a load off!

Welcome to A|N!

Welcome Scott! Loved my one visit to Tennessee but living in central Florida, I know what you mean about the "rack my nerves" bit.

Hopefully you went to Nashville. I love that city. My ex lived in Jacksonville for most of her life.

Welcome Scott. I see I'm just north of you in southernmost Illinois. Glad you're here.

Where at in Illinois? I live in Union City.

20 miles north of Cairo.

I know where abouts then. I've been through Cairo more times than I care to remember. Used to work on the river and have done tow work there many more times than I care to remember lol. Good to know that there are more atheists around this area than what I suspected.

Thanks you guys!

Hey Scott,just to let you know you are not alone. It's that way in Memphis too. Glad I found you I'm looking at trying to get all(if anymore) atheist are out there in the state of Tennessee. If you know of any invite them to friend request me and you do the same. Later guy.

I live about two hours north of Memphis. I'm wanting to move back to Nashville though.

Hi there! Nice to meet you Scott. Hope you enjoy the site.




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